Diguo Cold Brew Coffee Dripper Adjustable Ice Drip Dripper Glass Carafe Duth coffee maker Review

Diguo Cold Brew Coffee Dripper Adjustable Ice Drip Dripper Glass Carafe Duth coffee maker

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  • LOW ACIDITY – Cold brews coffee have a much lower acidity and are easy on the stomach than regular coffee. Diguo Cold Brew Coffee Dripper made operation so simple that anyone can brew a delicious, smooth and refreshing brew at home
  • TUNE TO YOUR FAVORS – The precise drip rate control valve enables you to control over the concentration and flavor of your cold brew. It lets you adjust the drip rate thus controlling the strength of the coffee and time taken to brew. It takes only 2-3 hours to brews 2 flavorful cups
  • BOROSILICATE GLASS SERVER – Borosilicate glass is a premium and ideal material for any beverages as it does not absorb any odors, chemicals or residue and it is very easy to clean. You can use for tea, wine and many others beverages without worrying about aftertaste. The glass is thickened for extra durability, every piece is designed to withstand the test of time
  • PERMANENT STAINLESS-STEEL FILTER – Diguo permanent filtration with food grade silicon seal will only allow all the flavor and oil of your favorite coffee to pass through with nothing else. What you get is a refreshing, stronger aroma, and a cleaner finish cold brew coffee. It is easy to use, dishwasher safe and environmentally friendly
  • SPECIFICATION – Capacity: 300ml. Size: 120*234*100mm / 4.72*9.21*3.94inches. Weight: 410g/ 0.91lb. Materials: Food grade silicon rubber and clear PC plastic, borosilicate Glass and 304 stainless steel permanent filter.

Diguo Cold Brew Coffee Dripper

Cold Brew uses cold water to slowly extract the coffee flavors from the beans. Since it does not utilize hot water the coffee does not get the burned acidic taste that other brewing methods create. Cold brewing makes better iced coffee than refrigerating hot-brewed coffee. When you add hot-brewed coffee to ice, it slowly dilutes, resulting in a weaker-tasting beverage.

Diguo Cold Brew Coffee Dripper is elegant and a conversation starter. You can leave it on your counter top for hours while waiting for your coffee grounds to steep.

The Basics of cold brew

How Much Coffee? 

A general guide will be 12g of coffee per 120ml (4oz) of brewed coffee. But as always, this will depend on your liking. Hence for this maker, 30g of coffee grounds since it is designed for 300ml.

Grind size? 

Always start with a normal drip grind and adjust it a bit finer depending your liking.

What type of Ice? 

Use fresh ice possibly made with filtered water as you are going to drink it. Top up 1/3 of cold filtered water to the ice to start brewing.

Drip rate? 

We will suggest a drip rate of 7-8 drips per 10 seconds.


Cold brew, which generally starts from a concentrate, is meant to be watered down, so adding ice, milk/cream, and not too much water provides a stronger, more flavorful drink.

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