Bamboo Stir Stick for Stirring and Emptying Coffee in a French Press (set of 2) Review

Bamboo Stir Stick for Stirring and Emptying Coffee in a French Press (set of 2)

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  • ➤ PROTECT YOUR GLASS, COPPER, CERAMIC, OR STAINLESS STEEL COFFEE AND TEA MAKER: The Bamboo Stirrer for Coffee Grounds and Cocktails won’t scratch or crack your Bodum French press, Hario Syphon, Chemex, glass carafe, pour over, glass coffee maker, ceramic coffee maker, copper coffee maker, polished stainless steel coffee maker, cold brew coffee maker, and others. Enjoy your beverage of choice without the worry of damaging your glassware and devices with the soft bamboo stirrer.
  • ➤ SAVE THE PLANET WITH THE ECO-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Each stirrer is made from 100 percent bamboo which is a renewable source. Unlike plastic stirrers which are a drain on the environment the bamboo stirrer produces less waste and is biodegradable, so you can feel good about indulging in a warm cup of your favorite brew.
  • ➤ MADE OUT OF HIGH-QUALITY, EXTREMELY DURABLE AND REUSABLE MATERIALS: The natural bamboo used to make each stirrer is extremely strong and durable while still being lightweight and flexible. Bamboo is also more long-lasting than wood or plastic, and has the added benefit of being made without harmful dyes or chemicals. It is also very easy to clean with simple handwashing.
  • ➤ CREATED EXCLUSIVELY FOR COFFEE ENTHUSIASTS AND AFICIONADOS: The bamboo stirrer has been designed exclusively for coffee and tea enthusiasts who prefer it easy to use method. Because it doesn’t absorb or remove any heat from brewing coffee or tea like metal spoons or stirrers do, it insures a warmer, tastier beverage every time. Measuring at nine inches, the bamboo stirrer is perfectly designed for mixing coffee grounds in a French press, Syphon, cold brew, or other device.
  • ➤ EASY TO CLEAN: Clean up is also a breeze with the stirrer, as can be washed by hand. Simply wipe the stirrer with a clean towel to dry and get back to brewing delicious cups of coffee or tea. The stirrer makes a great addition to any brewing set and also is a great gift.

Coffee enthusiasts the world over often prefer bamboo stirrers for their excellent ability to mix hot beverages without absorbing or taking away any heat. The Bamboo Stirrer for Coffee Grounds and Cocktails, offered in a nine-inch size, is the ideal way to enjoy hot coffee and tea each day.

The softer material of the bamboo stirrer is superior to metal spoons and stirrers that can take away the heat from brewing coffee or tea while also scratching glass and stoneware as well as plastic spoons or stirrers, which if they include BPA, can be dangerous to your health.

This convenient stirrer has been made from natural, organic bamboo material that is heat, stain, and water resistant to prevent moisture absorption when in use. Its shape has been expertly formed to prevent splintering during frequent use. The bamboo coffee stir stick works well with almost any type of coffee brewing method such as the Aeropress, a French press, a Clever Brewer, and others. The bamboo coffee stirrer is also versatile enough to use with tea.

Bamboo Paddle/Spoon Care Tips:

This paddle/spoon is already fine sanded and pre-seasoned with food-grade mineral oil. Hand wash with warm water before first use is recommended.

• Apply the mineral oil (once per month or as needed). Using a clean, soft cloth or paper towel, apply the oil in an even layer over the paddle.

• It is easiest to clean the bamboo paddle if you do so immediately after use, before food/coffee has time to dry on it.

• Avoid using the wooden paddle to stir raw meats (including eggs) or other foods that are common sources of food poisoning. Bacteria may get into tiny cracks in the wooden paddle and multiply.

• Do not clean wooden paddle in the dishwasher. The detergent and the heat can cause the paddle to warp or crack.

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